6 Tips for Getting Back into the Gym


June 15, 2020

It feels like it’s been an eternity since we’ve been able to step foot in an actual gym and though I am anxiously awaiting the day that I get my job back.. I am also very anxiously awaiting my first non-quarantine workout. If getting back into the gym feels intimidating or overwhelming, below is a list of 6 tips in order to ease your way back into an attainable and rewarding fitness routine.

1. Start with your “why”:

Although these past few months have forced us to readjust and restructure much of our life, try to remember what it was that you loved about going to the gym in the first place. Was it the increased motivation? The encouragement to get out of your comfort zone? To run a little faster or lift a little heavier? Was it the social interactions you had or was it the one hour of the day in which you could completely unplug and do something entirely for yourself? Maybe it was all of the above or something completely different. Nonetheless, use your determined “why” in making your return to the gym a nonnegotiable.

2. Remember that you are not alone!

Do not let your workout routine or lack thereof discourage you from taking the first (and likely toughest) step through the front door. No one has been to the gym or taken a class for just as long as you have. We are in this together and we can encourage each other through it.

3. Start slow.

This one may sting a little, but hear me out, your muscle mass, cardio fitness and endurance levels are more than likely not in the same shape they were three months ago. Athletes, for example, can start to see muscle mass loss after only three weeks of inactivity. The good news? A 2010 study found that both athletes and non-athletes can reach their peak fitness levels more quickly after a break than when they first began training. {Healthline}

4. Set a NEW goal for yourself.

I say “new” only because a goal that you had in place for yourself three months ago may not look nor be desired the same. Therefor, my advice would be to reevaluate, readjust and restart! Determine a goal(s) that feels realistic to you and then write it down! The constant reminder of something that YOU decided you’re capable of will hopefully help propel you toward your goal despite inevitable setbacks or doubt.

5. Be consistent.

As hard as it may be in the beginning, every time you show up and put in the work, you are one step closer to rebuilding the habit and routine that you once had.

6. Set yourself up for success

As you read this, I’m sure you’ve already constructed umpteen reasons why you “can’t”, all of the ifs, ands or butts that could interfere with you getting your booty back into the gym. So here’s what I want you to do:

  • Schedule your workouts: Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Book at least three classes for the next two weeks. Sticking to this routine will help you rebuild the habit. Remember, consistency is key!
  • Tell a friend (or social media if that’s more your thing). Let somebody know so that they too can hold you accountable on the days your own mind and willpower isn’t enough.
  • Prepare the night before. The less effort you have to put into finding your shoes, matching your socks or filling up your water bottle, the harder it is going to be for you to make another excuse not to go.

You’ve got this!

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