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July 2, 2020

Happy July! Can you believe we’ve made it half way through the year already?! Granted, half of which has been lived out from the comfort of our homes. Needless to say, this year has been one for the books. The good news (maybe) is that 2020 is far from over. Although the world around us feels a bit rocky, we must find ways to stay grounded in our intentions and towards our life pursuits.

A new month is the perfect time to realign with your goals, reevaluate your strategies and become reinspired about where you’re headed. 31 days. What will you do with them? Who will you become? It’s time to cast YOUR intentions. To make it as easy and as seamless as possible, I have created the ultimate Intention Setting Worksheet!

5 Reasons to Set Intentions:

  1. Intentions set the framework for who you are and how you show up for yourself each and every day.
  2. They make you more mindful of your actions. Your actions, done with intent will pave a natural path to accomplish your goals.
  3. Intentions increase effectiveness.
  4. They fuel your passions and inspire you to live with purpose.
  5. Intentions inspire every aspect of your life. Whether in your professional or your personal life, living with intention has a way of bringing out the best in you as well as others around you.

Download Your Goal Setting Worksheet HERE!

Every month I will be releasing a new, totally FREE Intention Setting Worksheet just for you. PLUS! There is a space to write a new mantra for yourself every month. Keep it the same or mix it up. This guide was made entirely for YOU. My hope is that with this guide, you can welcome in each new month with inspiration and live each day with intention. I believe in you.

Stickers not included, but The Little Book of Seasons from Target is an excellent addition!

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