6 Ways to Start Improving Your Mental Health


May 18, 2020

“You are more than a character whose lines can be studied and rehearsed. You are more than a passing thought or a backdrop. You are central to this story in more ways than you’ve allowed yourself to believe. You are a gift. Incomparable and coveted. And for all you’ve given, we are certain there is more to be received, in a way utterly unique to you.”


I have walked through seasons of doubt, through seasons of heartache and isolation. I have felt bruised, broken and beaten to my core. I too have walked through seasons of joy, of abundant peace and of unwavering hope. The messiness and inconsistency, that is my journey. This isn’t the path of least resistance; this is the path undeniably through resistance. In her book, The How of Happiness, Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests that only 50 percent of happiness is genetically predetermined, while 10% is due to life circumstances, and 40% is the result of your own personal outlook.

I’m not here to tell you that I can heal you. I’m here to equip you with the tools in which I use to reclaim control of my mental health. Healing isn’t an overnight job. It takes time and it takes a whole hell lot of work, done consistently. But the road to happiness is worth every step of the way. I believe you are worth it and I hope that through this “life” work, you can start believing the same. Do the work, seek the light and let your inner warrior wreck havoc on the demons holding their grip upon you.

Below is a list of 6 tools in which I have found to be of the utmost importance in prioritizing my mental health.

1. Write | Journal

Journaling doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t need to look pretty nor does it need to make sense. But writing can be such a useful tool in shedding light on what is going on inside that beautiful, sometimes chaotic head of yours. It might even lead to insights about yourself you may have missed otherwise. Click HERE for a list of journal prompts that can help get the ball rolling.

2. Talk to Someone

Confide in someone that you trust. Through both conversation and connection, I discovered that not only was I lessoning the power my inner narrative was holding over me, but I too realized that I was not alone. Let me repeat that. I WAS NOT ALONE and neither are you! Yes, your story is different. And sure, the way you process your emotions or the weight they bare are completely your own. But I promise you this, the fight you are fighting doesn’t have to be fought alone. If you are willing to open yourself up to someone(s) that you trust, the mountain you are facing might seem a bit more bearable to climb.

3. Say “No” and Set Boundaries

This one’s dedicated to all of my Enneagram 2’s out there. If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time saying “no”, afraid that in doing so you will let someone else down. However, by making infinite room for other’s needs, we lesson the capacity in which we have to show up for ourselves. Before all too eagerly saying “yes”, I encourage you to ask yourself if what you’re agreeing to is fueling your fire or burning out your flame. You deserve respected boundaries but you have to be willing to set them.

4. Get Enough Sunshine | Vitamin D

If you are a “Michigander” like myself, I know you know the affect that the sun plays on your mood, or more than likely, the impact of the lack thereof. More and more research is coming to light that vitamin D can be an essential way to brighten you mood.. quite literally. The body absorbs vitamin D primarily through sun exposure, though having limited access to it, seeking out dietary supplements and certain nutrient dense foods has been a good way for myself to achieve optimal Vitamin D levels.

5. Move Your Body

There aren’t enough lists nor enough platforms in the world for me to fully encourage you to move your body. Working out doesn’t have to be about changing how you look (unless that is your intent, but we can discuss that another time). I encourage you to move your body because it can change how you feel. There is also further evidence that working out with someone can have even greater impacts on your mental health.

6. Seek Help

A friendly reminder that there is no one too tough, too old or too good to talk about their feelings. There is no shame to be had in seeking professional help in order to thrive. You deserve the space you take up on this earth and the space deserves to be full of life, love and an abundance of happiness.

6. Meditate

Though new to meditation, the coveted impacts of lowered stress, clearer focus and healthier connections are just a few reasons that I have begun incorporating this practice. Click HERE for an awesome introduction to meditation and the benefits it can have on you!

Carry on Warriors.

XX, Paige

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