In a world filled with societal expectations of who we're supposed to be and what we're supposed to look like, I’m here to guide you towards a life of authenticity, true wellness, and radical self-love. 

Using a combination of my training and personal experience, my workshops are specifically created to aid in the transformation of your relationship with food, your body, movement and more.

Together we can break the chains of shame and begin paving a new path towards peace and healing from the inside, out.

Cultivate Body Confidence 

workshops are for individuals or groups of individuals that are seeking a healthier relationship with movement and their bodies and can be altered in order to meet a specific audience's need.

to learn more or schedule an event, click the link below.

+ Resources that support your healing journey
+ 1:1 virtual sessions
+ Private chat room support 
+ Access to additional services
(ie:group coaching, mindful movement classes)

Who is the workshop for?

each workshop is designed with the intention of Exploring the relationship each participant has with their body and the influences that have impacted what they believe to be true about it.
Participants will learn about mindfulness, leaning into self-compassion and developing tools to quiet our inner self-critic.

Participants will create a physical "self-care toolbox" of resources relating to movement, body acceptance and full of positive affirmations.

 + Heal negative body image 
+ Work towards food freedom
+ Integrate healthy coping strategies
 + Establish nourishing self-care  patterns into your daily life

What does a workshop include?


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