What is an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach?


August 27, 2021

Who I am and what I do

Before I officially press “launch” on this brand spankin’ new website (as you’re seeing it now, YAY!) I wanted to make sure you, as the reader, and more likely, the incredible supporter that you are and have been, knows exactly what it means for me to be an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach.

Where it all started

Amidst my own journey towards recovery, I was hopeful to find a way in which I could help other women on their own paths towards food freedom and body acceptance. On a mission to make a difference, I was uncertain with my next steps forward. As much as I desire to make a change, I know it’s not a problem I can simply fix. I can’t snap my fingers and make eating disorders go away, I can’t wiggle my nose and reset the pieces of one’s brain telling them they’re unworthy based upon their size.

However, what I CAN do is continue finding avenues in which I can aid in easing the burden, to pursue finding ways in which I can create conversation and highlight health in a way that is both welcoming and doable in both your trying and triumphant times.

There have been a handful of times in my life that I have walked right into something (or someone) and just knew that it was right. After stumbling upon a fellow “Instagramer” who was an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that’s exactly where the next chapter of my life would unfold.

…Enter Jayne of Recovery Love and Care (the fellow Instagramer I stumbled upon). Within days of reaching out to learn more about coaching, I was sold. THIS is where I was supposed to be and THIS is exactly what I’m supposed to do.

What I do as a coach (and what I don’t do)

As a coach, I provide 1:1 virtual support for individuals on their path to FULL eating disorder recovery. Using a combination of my training (under the RLC curriculum) and personal experience through my own ED recovery, I work collaboratively alongside an established support team (therapists, dietitians) to champion individuals in transforming their relationship with food, body image, and movement. Together, we work to break the chains of shame and begin paving a new path towards peace and acceptance.

Coaching is different from counseling services and is not a substitute for clinical treatment or therapy. RLC uses only HIPAA compliant software and screening services and pledges to stay true to their code of ethics. We honor our obligation to stay within the proper scope of care.

I will support clients to:

  • Begin healing negative body image
  • Work towards food freedom
  • Integrate healthy coping strategies
  • Establish nourishing self-care patterns into their daily life

I will equip clients with:

  • Resources that support their healing journey
  • Weekly, 1:1 virtual sessions
  • Private chat room support
  • Accountability and affirmation throughout their time spent working with me

If you or someone you know is has interest in pursuing recovery coaching, click the link below!

As always, thanks for being here.

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