How to Pivot and Progress Through the Rest of 2020


September 2, 2020

As you are scrolling through social media you’re bound to come across a handful of memes proclaiming “2020 is cancelled”. While the memes in themselves are funny, I too must acknowledge the clarity that these months have awoken in me. 2020 has forced me to pivot in more ways than one. It’s allowed me to re-imagine the life I want and reestablish the goals that further those desires.

Quarantine, undoubtedly opened up my eyes to what it felt like to be a little selfish. Not in a negative, or conniving kind of way. But the kind of selfishness that requires a deep understanding of the life that YOU want. Not the life your mom, your neighbor or society has decided is best for you. My dreams and desires are no longer clouded by the hustle or the day-to-day grind. They were all there. Sitting in the quiet, patiently awaiting me to uncover what’s been there all along.

As we begin to slowly emerge from quarantine and enter into the last few months of one-hell-of-a-year, here are a couple of ways in which you can pivot and successfully progress through the rest of 2020.

Revisit Your Initial 2020 Vision

I wrote about my 2020 goals at the beginning of the year. Though some have already came to fruition, like my continued dedication to this blog. Others had to be put on the back-burner and some no longer serve me at all. I encourage you to revisit the goals that you initially set with ambition and enthusiasm, do they still exist? Is your heart still set on fire for whatever it is you hoped to accomplish by the end of 2020?

Reevaluate what your goals are, make a new plan and then get to work.

Understand that change is our only constant. Be fluid with your methods and figure out a way to control what you can in order to keep progressing forward. You’ve got this, friend!

One way to re-inspire yourself is to create a vision board! I made mine through Canva. Here’s my re-adjusted plan/vision for the rest of 2020.

I won’t tell you that crafting an iconic “dream board” is going to make you the next greatest x, y, you fill in the blank. In fact, I’ll tell you that it won’t. Regardless of how big or small your goals are (hopefully big, because dream big or go home, right?), accomplishing them is going to take a whole lot more work that a beautifully designed template. However, by constantly being reminded of your dreams every time you open your computer or step foot into your office, I hope that you are encouraged to keep going. I hope that it helps you to continue putting one foot in front of the other. That who you desire to be and how you aspire to live your life is possible.

See it, believe it, achieve it!

Write down your goals everyday

If I could encourage you to do one thing it would be to write down your goals EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is something so transformational about seeing my goals, over and over, black and white, in my own writing. Every (non-4AM wakeup call) day I write my goals down in the Rachel Hollis “Start Today” Journal. This journal helps me to start my days with intention.

Pivot and Progress Through 2020

Understand that obstacles are inevitable, let the first 6 months of this year be a reminder of that. It’s essential that you make a conscious effort to define the ways in which you, your company or your family need to pivot through adversity and progress unto the next stage of life. Though it may be out of your hands what life throws your way, you have full control of how you react and respond in the face of it all.

Choose to PIVOT, to PRIORITIZE what matters, and then PROGRESS forward knowing that you can conquer whatever dream or goal you’re chasing after.

Carry on, Warriors.

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