No More Rainbows and Butterflies


April 13, 2020

On the days that feel as though the rainbows have lost their luster and the butterflies have all flown away. This is for you. This message is dedicated to the days that the dark clouds won’t roll away and the sun refuses to shine.

You are not alone.

On the front line, the nation endures a heartbreaking pandemic yet surrounded by the walls that confine us, we brave even tougher battles.

You are courageous.

The time, it stands still. The days, no longer relevant and the purpose we once felt fleets as we sit in the silence of social distance. There is no running from it nor a hustle that can mask it.

It’s just there.

The pain, the heartache, the anxiety and depression. The weight returns, the wounds reopened. Each day a battlefield of unresolved emotion. Triggers lurking around every corner, igniting the flames that once burnt their course.

But in those moments and on those days, please remember that hope remains.

Your strength will defeat giants and your bravery will silence storms. Hold on to hope and hold out for better days. Seek the light, seek your truth and take it one day at a time.

You have air in your lungs and a fight within your soul. You are a warrior. When the days get too dark and the light begins to fade, show yourself some grace and try again tomorrow.

  1. Paige you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to work out with you again!!

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