5 Truths to Cling to in Uncertain Times


April 3, 2020

March was undeniably the strangest month I have experienced to date. We truly are treading uncharted territory. Each passing day brings with it the latest “heart-wrenching headline”, new overwhelming statistics and countless reminders on how to effectively wash our hands.

I sit here today, a scrambled mess of emotions as I mourn the loss of my job, uncertain of the business that keeps this family afloat and frustrated over the moments that feel as though they’ve been abruptly taken away from us.

And then the guilt kicks in. The guilt for even expressing my feelings while others are literally putting their lives at risk so that I can sit in the comfort of my home, enjoying the company of my significant other and our dogs.

I know that I am not alone on the emotional roller coaster that is COVID-19 so I am sharing five truths that have seemingly been buried beneath the rubble of uneasiness, but will forever remain true.

I am choosing to cling onto these five truths and hope that you, too can find peace as you navigate your new normal.

1. Your feelings are valid.

May it be anger, sadness, frustration or pure joy. Give yourself the grace to dive deeper into those emotions in order to heal and move forward through the season that we are currently in. If you’re looking for permission to be {enter emotion here} let this be it!

2. Your worth isn’t measured by:

Your job, your clothes or the money you are or are no longer making. Use this moment to find peace with who you are in stillness and without all of the “stuff.” For it is who you are when the materialistic possessions are stripped away that matter the most. You, alone, are enough.

3. Faith is greater than fear.

Take this time to seek serenity in the promises that He has made for each of us. Anchor yourself in faith and let your fear reside in the hands of the one that has already seen this through.

God may not eliminate the situation but he will illuminate his presence.

Steven Furtick

4. You are not alone.

There is a difference between social distancing and social isolating. Physically, you may be distanced but socially, we need people and compassion for one another more than ever. Check in on your friends, (virtually) show up for the ones you love and honestly ask yourself how you’re doing. We are in this together, and we will get through this together– so long as we are 6 ft. apart.

5. You are not in control.

Not of what’s happening, the decisions that the government is making or the “new normal” this country will inevitably face. However, you are in control how you are responding to it. YOU get to choose how you react, respond and what you re-post on the internet (do your research, please).

On an end note, I encourage you to anchor yourself to this moment. Fully show up for and show gratitude towards all that you’ve been given today. Be slow to speak, quick to take action and let your heart be forever filled with compassion.

Carry on, Warriors.

XX, Paige

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