Winter Blues? Tips to Take Care of Yourself all Year Long


January 16, 2020

We are officially three weeks into the new year! The excitement of the holidays have passed and the enthusiasm for our resolutions are likely beginning to dwindle already. The lack of snow this winter has nothing on the lack of motivation that inevitably veers its ugly head year after year.

I can almost bet you’ve already heard it, you may have even “pinned” it a time or two, “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” However, I am here to tell you to FORGET THAT! I don’t care what you look like in your bathing suit or how much skin you think you should or shouldn’t reveal based upon some rule book you’ve convinced yourself exists.

The things that I do care about are the thoughts that race through your mind when you stand in front of the mirror. I care that you wake up every day happy to be exactly who you are. I too, care that you don’t lose sight of how you maintain that mindset despite the season we’re in. For me, it’s exercise, it’s intuitive eating and it’s a whole hell lot of grace. It’ll take practice and it’ll take some time but if you can stay motivated through the coldest and darkest days of the year, you are sure to set yourself up for success in the brighter, warmer ones.

I hope that you can use these tips and bits of encouragement to aid in a healthy and happy winter!


Move your body in a way that excites you. Find a gym or a friend that will hold you accountable. Whatever it is that keeps you going, do it! Maybe for you it’s Crossfit, maybe you like Zumba or maybe Barre is more your thing. For me, it’s Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) and hot yoga (especially during polar vortex’s).

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.”

Heidi Reeder


If it’s running that excites you, sign up for a race! If it’s a vacation that motivates you, buy a plane ticket! Make a commitment to something that will keep you on track and excited! Maybe you’ll commit to saying one nice thing to yourself every time you look in the mirror or maybe you’ll commit to drinking one more glass of water every day.


Round and round, year after year we pledge to do this, that and the other. Start working out, start losing the weight, start showing up for ourselves. It’s time to simply START! You don’t need a new day or week or a new year to begin again. You have TODAY! Sure, you will mess up, you will encounter setbacks and likely get discouraged along the way. But, by simply starting, you are one step closer to being and receiving everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


Tis’ the season, right? However, this time I’m not talking about to others. I’m talking about to yourself! Listen up, this one is important. Give yourself some grace when you eat too many cookies or when you decide to sleep in instead of working out. Show yourself some love on the days you feel strong and more importantly on the days that you don’t. Give yourself time to grow and to learn, to conquer the setbacks and to cherish the victories. And then give yourself a pat on the back knowing that although some seasons of motivation are easier than others, if you’re doing the best you can, that is ENOUGH!

Carry on, Warriors.

XX, Paige

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