Win The Fight Against Food


October 24, 2018

Whether it’s food, drugs or alcohol, these substances can be used and abused to mask a bigger picture. For so long, food was my hideaway. It was my coping mechanism, my sadness, my happiness, my confusion and so much more. Food and the thought of it consumed my every move. In my mind, food was the answer but in reality it was a distraction from the things that were truly going on inside of my head.

If you have found yourself at the mercy of whatever’s holding its grip on you, I hope that you take the time to dive a little deeper into what you’ve been replacing with your legitimate cravings because…


  • Is not going to make you fat. However, the lack of respect for your body, or the types of food you put in it, will. Food can, and will make you strong if you make the conscious effort to let it.


  • Is not your friend. It will never offer you a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on. It can, however be a means of celebration– not by what’s on the table, but more importantly, WHO is with you at the table.


  • Is not the enemy. Food is fuel, it is what will get you from point “A” to point “B”. It is your lifeline, your energy pack and with it, you can conquer the world… or at least the mentality that food should not be feared.


  • Is not an escape. It will not provide you with a one-way ticket to overcoming your demons nor will it give you freedom from the things that are truly defeating you. I encourage you to acknowledge what you’re feeling when you unconsiously find yourself lingering towards the kitchen. Are you tired? Sleep. Are you sad? Talk. Bored, anxious, angry… or are you actually hungry? Remind yourself that food will never be more than a temporary coverup of the feelings you’re trying to escape from.


  • Does not hold the power… YOU do! Don’t let those chips or that scoop of ice cream determine the direction of your day. Food is not meant to create guilt or to cause shame. Only you can make the mindful decision to choose what you eat and how it’s going to make you feel. I encourage you to choose the things that make you feel GOOD, that fuel and satisfy both your mind and your body.


  • Does not define you. Your worth is not determined by the amount or lack of food that you consume. Your weight is not a measurement of your worth and the size of your jeans does not make you a lesser of a person. You are worthy of freedom and you are capable of control. Decide to rewrite your story, this time without food as your headline.

Carry on, Warriors.

XX, Paige

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