2019 Recap and Reflections


December 30, 2019

Through honesty, transparency, and a little bit of courage we are able to reflect on where we’ve been, accept where we are and acquire the tools it’ll take to get us where we want to go.

As I count down the clock and welcome in the next 366 days with eager arms, I’m taking a look back on all that 2019 had in store for me.

Monumental Moments of 2019


  • Started my own photography business. I captured 2 weddings, a dozen couples and an astronomical number of pictures starring Huck and Louie.
  • Celebrated 1 year with Orangetheory Fitness Holland (and 4 years with Orangetheory Fitness)
  • Side hustled my way through summer and into a new marketing gig this fall.
  • Developed partnerships with brands that I love and believe in.


  • Traveled to Punta Cana, Mexico and Louisville for the first time.
  • Rekindled (incredibly enough) old friendships and accepted the cessation of friendships that no longer serve me.
  • Celebrated many lasts with my High School brother. (and look forward to many firsts as he becomes a college freshman)
  • Redid our bedroom and continued to turn our house into a “home”.

F I T N E S S // W E L L N E S S

  • Ran my fastest 8k (42.23) and 5k (24.07)
  • Conquered my fear of the scale.
  • Saw changes to my physique
  • Transitioned to a predominantly vegan diet

Lessons Learned in 2019

Change doesn’t come within your comfort zone.

I am certain that what’s holding each and everyone of us back is not for a lack of capability but rather an abundance of fear to push beyond the boundaries we’ve convinced ourselves exist. You see, once I started to break down the walls that I so comfortably resided in, a stronger, faster, more confident version of myself began emerging. You can do incredible things, you are capable beyond even what you believe. Therefor, it’s up to you to decide! Get up, get uncomfortable and start making the changes you’ve always wanted to see.

There are lessons to be learned while we wait.

Patience. A word that I am constantly being forced to embrace. Instead of seeking anger this past year, I chose to look at the seasons of waiting as an opportunity for growth. I began looking at it as a chance to gain insight and further uncover what is required of me in order to flourish in the next stage of life. Is it frustrating? Of course! Is it disheartening at times? Abso-freaking-lutely! However, rather than seeking frustration, it’s important to maintain peace in the moment, hope for the future and appreciation for each step along the way.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

As a self-proclaimed “do-er”, I find myself constantly on a mission to do more and achieve all that I can. However, with every new hat that I attempt to wear, I fall further from the things that I truly want. First off, this past year has taught me to do less, but do more well. Secondly, it has taught me to let go in order to hold tighter to the things that I desire the most.

Whatever you aren’t chasing, you are choosing.

If you’re like me, there’s always been a voice in your head (faint as it may be) harboring some BIG dreams. Dreams that you’ve repeatedly shied away from. Choosing fear over a chance to live out the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Choosing contentment over extraordinary. This year (and for all of the years to follow) I am committed to chasing bravery on the pursuit of my dreams, courage on the path to my purpose and faith amidst any season I find myself in.

Before we say goodbye to 2019, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on this past year. I hope that you decide to approach this upcoming year with an open mind for what could be, a grateful heart for what has been and a never-ceasing appreciation for all that you are.

5 Questions to Reflect on:

  1. What did I accomplish this past year? What am I most grateful for?
  2. How did I feel throughout the year? Describe the past year in feelings.
  3. What made me feel most inspired or alive?
  4. How did I grow and change?
  5. What were my failures or areas to improve?

XX, Paige


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